What do we think?

Our world is important for us, that's why we are calling you.

Pollution negatively affects our planet and all the living beings on it. It causes serious health problems.

Our actions matter. Let’s learn how to keep a nourishing home and to take care of the Earth.

About the project

Based up in Barcelona

Meet vöbu, an interactive device that helps you reduce the level of invisible pollution in your home. It first tells you the environmental health of the room and then suggests how to act or take action.

This doll-like device expresses your home’s diagnosis by its emotional state and its belly skin color. This invisible pollution can come from several factors. vöbu monitors them with different sensors. It informs you about each measured value and reminds you of the healthy intervals.

We are really happy to be developing this cute helper.
Everyone counts, join us in the movement!

Developing vöbu's shape during Skylab Ignite program.

We are part of the movement.

We believe that the more information you have about your environment, the more secure you and yours will be.
That's why vöbu's your voice.

About us

Imma Martínez Sellarès

“I want to create tools for good purposes”

Our CEO and co-founder follows a healthy lifestyle, is worried about the safeness of new technologies and loves nature. She is a mechanical and chemical engineer with experience in 3D modeling and manufacturing.

Pau López Ribas

“I’m 8-bit of a robotics geek”

Co-founder and CTO of vöbu. Electronic, control and robotics engineer with great interest in automated systems and autonomous learning in applications such as smart homes and mobile robots. Continuous learner, a fan of the active transport by bicycle and a daily sportsman.

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Would you like to contact us? Send us an email to hi@vobusvoice.com, we will be really happy to hear from you.