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vöbu, the 1st mini-robot to improve air quality

Healthier and calmer

Why do we do this crowdfunding?

It is a collective financing campaign, only active during the month of May, it aims to reach 5200 € to finance our first production. 🎉🎉

In Ulule you can support vöbu by selecting one of the rewards that we have prepared. If we reach our goal, we can give birth to vöbu.


Click on the rewards to collaborate.

Reward: vöbu creator kit
Reward: vöbu assembled
Reward: Pack 2 rooms
Reward: Pack schools
Reward: Pack support

Expanded rewards

What happens if we manage to exceed the goal? How far will you take us?

Expanded rewards chart.

With the support of...

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Meet the mini-robot vöbu

🔍 Detects air quality levels: carbon dioxide (CO2), TVOC, temperature and humidity

⚠️ Pollution alert

Improves the well-being of the whole family

😎 Ventilate efficiently with the help of vöbu

🏆 Improves your health

Do you want to mount it yourself?

⛏️ We give you the option to mount it or to acquire it assembled

🤖 Work on a robotics, electronics and programming project

👌 Yes, maker for beginners (no welding)

➕ It's modular, later on you will be able to add more air quality sensors


👌 Get a healthy environment, free of carbon dioxide accumulations

🌲 Improves well-being of the whole family

📚 Increase concentration and productivity at home

📊 Empower yourself! Know the evolution of CO2 levels


We have designed a special version for the crowdfunding: easy to assemble and adaptable to add more functionalities later.

vöbu parts

Here are the details of the mini-robot. We leave the muscle mass index for you to calculate, but we already tell you that it has 0% body water (as it should be) 😂

Technical specifications 1
Technical specifications 2


vöbu's project roadmap.
vöbu's project roadmap.
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What are the funds for?

This is how we plan to invest the money raised:

Project financing chart

Future of the project

Future of the project

About us

Imma's picture, CEO at vöbu
Imma Martínez Sellarès

CEO and co-founder

Mechanical and chemical engineer

Pau's picture, CTO at vöbu
Pau López Ribas

CTO and co-founder

Electronic and control engineer

Carla's picture, CMO at vöbu
Carla Ingerto Ramon


Marketing and digital communications

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